ICA-ASA Scholarships



The International Commission on Acoustics (ICA) and Acoustical Society of America (ASA), through the Argentinian Acousticians Association (AdAA), offer partial scholarships to facilitate the attendance of acousticians from developing countries, and particularly from Latin America countries, to the International Symposium on Musical and Room Acoustics ISMRA 2016

The ICA-ASA will offer scholarships to acousticians:

  • General Scholarships, amount:                            US$ 300
  • Young Total Scholarships, amount:                    US$ 275
  • Young Standard Scholarships, amount:           US$ 150

In granting scholarships, priority will be given to those that meet the following conditions:
– Be the author of an accepted abstract
– Present the paper at the meeting (oral or poster presentation)
– for Young Scholarships : be no more than 35 years old on 05.09.2016

All those who wish to apply for a ICA-ASA Scholarship, must indicate their intention by sending an e-mail to: becas@ismra2016.org.ar with the subject line: For ICA-ASA Scholarships (before 12 August, 2016).

The following files have to be attached to this e-mail (in .pdf format):
1. Reduced CV (maximum 250 words)
2. Identity Card copy or a Passport copy
3. The abstract presented at ISMRA 2016 Symposium
4. Credential from the University (young acousticians)

For any further explanation, please contact: becas@ismra2016.org.ar


  • Figueras
  • Flex Acoustics
  • Rassegna
  • Panelide
  • Perfil SRL
  • Textiles Tala
  • Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero
  • Wenger